Frequently Asked Questions

Who can become a member of Glass Elevator?

There are many organizations for new filmmakers.  This is not that place.  Glass Elevator is for mid-career women and higher. Women who sign up for Glass Elevator must be verified members of another qualifying group, had their work screened at top tier festivals or been a nominee of an NAACP, Emmy or Academy Award.  This ensures a level of professionalism for the entire Glass Elevator community.

A list of the current qualifying groups can be found here - Current Membership Options.


Our Diversity is Our Strength

Many film groups look a lot more homogenous than our general population, let’s not let that happen with Glass Elevator. Please help make sure Glass Elevator is as wonderfully diverse as our wide world. Reach out to and invite women of color, those with disabilities, all sexualities, etc. Glass Elevator is a place for the beautiful vastness and variety of all people identifying as women.


But I'm a member of some other group or guild not listed above. Why isn't it included?

Please understand that unless the group or guild provides a publicly searchable membership database Glass Elevator cannot offer membership to an organization unless that organziation participates with Glass Elevator.  If your group, guild or union is not mentioned above it could be that we have reached out and they have not responded. If you would like your organization to offer Glass Elevator to it's women members please have their membership coordinator contact Glass Elevator or suggest through the contact form that we reach out to them. 


I love this site but I'm a dude. What the heck?

We're glad you love this site because this site loves dudes. And we'd love for you to get involved. Post a job and hire one of our brilliant, professional, skilled women members. Tell the women in the industry that you love about this site. Support the women in this industry by using your voice, your skills and your power to make sure whatever you're doing is fair for all genders.  

Finally, we want you to know that we understand that this business is hard for everyone. We hope you'll understand that we have some specific issues that we need to address in a space created just for us. Thank you for your support.


Wait, I'm confused. How exactly do these points work?

Upon joining Glass Elevator you are automatically given 2 points. Attending a class costs 1 point. Attending a social event costs no points. The moment you sign up for a class a point is deducted from your account and it is non-refundable.

You earn points by offering something back to the community. If you offer a class or social event that at least 5 people attend you earn 2 points. If you offer a class or event that at least 10 people attend you earn 5 points. If you offer a class and cancel it at any time you will lose 2 points. If a class is automatically cancelled due to not meeting capacity, this occurs 3 days prior to the scheduled class if the class has not reached capacity, no points are deducted from the teacher and students who signed up will have their point reimbursed.

You can also earn one point by referring a new member or posting a job.


About those points again, I've run out, how do I get more?

Although everything is free on Glass Elevator, in order to get something here you must contribute to the community in some way. You can gain points by offering a class or a social event, by posting a job or by referring new members.  When the new member is approved, if they mentioned you as the person who referred them on their application form you will be credited one point per new approved member.


I signed up for a class but haven't received any details.  What do I do?

Every instructor organizes and runs their own class.  If you have questions about a specific class please contact the instructor of that class.  Log in, click on the class, click on the instructor and select "contact".


I've created a class for a very big group of people and a lot have rsvp'd but not enough to meet capacity. I don't want it to be cancelled. What can I do?

Don't worry. So long as your class has more than five people who have rsvp'd three days in advance you may adjust the total available capacity (to add or remove spots if you'd like) and proceed with the class. Should the total rsvp's fall below five attendees the class will be automatically cancelled.  At that point you are welcome to hold the class on your own with the few people who rsvp'd but it will not affect anyone's point balances. 


What class subjects can be offered?

Anything! Good questions to ask are... Has the subject or skill contributed to your career, finances, health or happiness? What do you know now that you wish you knew earlier?

Some ideas: pitching a series to network, software, gear, contract negotiation, casting strategy, self distribution, dealing with studios, reality tv sizzle creation, short film festival submissions, yoga, vegan baking, a group hike, whatever! Everyone knows something share worthy. Be creative!


How long should a class be?

Plan your class to be no less than two hours and no more than four.


May I charge a fee for my class?

Not using this site, no. There are many other places to do that. This is not one of them.


How are classes approved?

They are not. The group will naturally tell you if it wants your class because if not enough people sign up three days prior the class will automatically be cancelled. Classes are offered and taken by individuals. The site neither endorses nor censors any subject or teacher.


I love this site! How can I support it?

The best way to support this site is to use it to be successful in your life & career. Offer a class and take a class. Hire women. After that, please spread the word.